Winter still won’t let is grip go, but I’m willing spring to get here!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:
1- Lots of yoga this week, looking forward to being limber gym climbing this week at the Cliffs LIC.
2- Went on a great tour of Hudson Yards with our new agent Kelly Bensimon led by Jeanie Woodbrey, who is one of the top new dev sales divas in NYC!
It is stunning and is completely transforming the area in a way we haven’t seen in generations in NYC.
3- Announced our top four agents for Q1 in Flatiron office this week! Congrats guys way to start off 2018! 1-Jason Haber and Deb Ribner, 2- Bill Kowlczuk and Brett Compton, 3- Rebecca Edwardson, 4- Susan Fishman
4- Met with several great recruits for our office, I really enjoy getting to meet new agents!
5- Hoping it warms up for the weekend, I’m behind in training for the TD 5 Boro bike tour!