Selling luxury homes takes time, effort, and no small amount of creativity. After all, when you sell an upscale home, you’re not just offering four walls and a place to sleep – you’re creating a dream. When prospective buyers walk in, you want them to rock back on their heels and think: “Yes. This is it.” You want to see them fall in love with every city view and polished countertop as they walk through their dream home for the very first time. In the end, you want to sell your home to someone you know will love it as much as you do.


But that kind of all-in response doesn’t happen from sheer luck and happenstance; you can’t throw open your doors and expect every potential buyer to like the way the property looks when it’s gutted and uninhabited. Creating that luxury dream takes strategy – and here, I outline the steps I take towards building one.


Consider the Buyer

First, consider the basics. Where is the home? What draws people to the neighborhood? How is the space laid out? How many bedrooms does it have? All of these questions will need to be answered before you can figure out the types of buyers that will come through your door. For example, an upscale one-bedroom with an open floor plan may be great for a single professional or young couple – but it certainly wouldn’t suit a family with two rambunctious toddlers. Narrowing down your prospective audience will help you figure out and prepare for the type of home your potentials are looking for.


Stage Strategically

Once you have an idea of your buyer demographics, you can begin to stage your home to appeal to them. If your home has multiple bedrooms and is near the local elementary school, for example, you might want to appeal to young families by staging one room as a bedroom for children. For professionals, a study might be the better choice. Use your best judgement!


Highlight Unique Features

Sometimes, it’s worth pointing out the small, meaningful features on the first visit. A small balcony might not seem like much until you share how wonderful it looks when you dress it up with a few tumbling vines and a relaxing chair. Point out how the skyline looks from that one spot in the kitchen; note the incredible sunset you can see from the living room. Give your buyers the opportunity to imagine living in the space and enjoying those small wonders!


Limit Unfinished Projects

Luxury buyers aren’t looking for a DIY flip. They want a completed dream! Make sure that everything is clean, organized, and in place before you invite a single potential buyer through the floor, and arrange your lighting thoughtfully for maximum impact.