Showing a home seems like a simple endeavor on the surface. You set aside a day before a scheduled open house to scrub, vacuum, and trim your home into sparkling perfection, then throw open your doors to a swarm of excited buyers. You imagine that by the end of the open house, you’ll have several letters of interest in your inbox. You love your home – so why shouldn’t everyone else?


Unfortunately, a quick dust-and-vacuum job just won’t cut it during a home sale. After all, you might find your political wall art and funky furniture charming – but your potential buyers may not share your feelings. Staging a home is an important part of the sales process, as it helps you to recast your home’s appearance into something that will appeal to a wide variety of buyers. Before you schedule an open house or invite any prospective through your doors, you should do a property walk-through with your realtor to discuss staging strategy for your home. Here, are few tips to guide you through the staging process.


Make a Good First Impression

We may say we don’t judge a book by its cover – but we all know that first impressions matter. Would you want to live in a home with a bad-smelling entryway and peeling paint? You can spend hours on perfecting the interior of a home, but a bad exterior will negatively impact a potential buyer’s opinion before they ever step foot through the door. If you own a house, consider power washing the exterior and trimming the lawn. If you intend to sell a condo or apartment, pay special attention to the unit’s entryway.


Depersonalize the Space

Odds are, at least a few of your potential buyers won’t share your political views or personal tastes – so take down any potentially problematic wall art and decorations before you open your doors! Buyers want to imagine themselves living in the homes they visit; thus, sellers need to strike a decorative balance between homey and nondescript. When you clean the space, remove anything that seems too personalized. Keep your decorations simple and modest: a bright accent pillow on the couch, a bowl of fresh fruit on the dining room table, or even a small painting on the wall.


Assess the Floors

When treated well, floors can wow a buyer. Always wash your floors prior to showing, and consider refinishing your hardwood floors if they look a little worn. If you prefer not to refinish older floors, invest in a few nice area rugs to make the space look more attractive.  


Rethink Color Schemes

You won’t know your potential buyer’s decorative taste beforehand, so keep all color schemes as attractive as possible. Swap out busy wallpaper or outdated color schemes with neutral palettes.


Consider the Little Things

Never forget the small details! Empty the trash and neaten closets before an open house, and ask a friend to look after any pets. You might be used to your pet smells, but your visitors certainly won’t be! If you have the time, try to light your rooms to best display their size.